Saturday, August 28, 2010


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Starcraft 2

So yeah, today i was playing some Starcraft 2 and decided to play a little 3v3 for once. So I click the 3v3 and wait for a game, ends up being a game with me (protoss), and two terran players against one of each species. At first i'm all cool, throw up the old gl hf and get my game off to a relatively good start, but then i realize my team SUCKS. For one, one of my teammates didn't even start playing until 3 minutes into the game, and the other guy for some reason never got past tier one, mostly deciding that he needed to keep spamming supply depos instead of any useful unit. I mean he had a supply of maybe 14 out of 46 before he made his first marine! WTF? WHO DOES THAT?? But anyway, as i could have predicted, the enemy team completely rapes us. The guy who started playing 3 minutes into the game never made more than 5 marines and one bunker to defend himself and his 12 SCV's, didn't even try to wall himself in. The other guy had at least SOME attack force, but it lasted like 4 seconds, and I was left with my 12 Dark Templars, 8 zealots, and 12 stalkers... needless to say, the game was absolutely pathetic and i hope to never play a game like that again... I mean, upon later investigation, my two teammates hadn't even STARTED the campaign! REALLY?? If your going to play a game, at least TRY to learn how first.

Friday, August 27, 2010

this is possibly the most aesthetically pleasing music video I've seen in my life


What is it about blogging that everybody likes so much? I just don't understand it. Blogging just seems completely unnecessary... Whats the point?